EU says African force only way to stop South Sudan killing

(William Davison) An East African force charged with preventing fresh fighting in South Sudan could.

South Sudan’s rebels “mobilizing” to attack major oil fields

(William Davison) Conflict broke out on Dec. 15 after South Sudan President Salva Kiir accused.

Ethiopia’s Pan-African responsibilities vis-a-vis UN peace principles

Introduction After the devastating WW1, the world seated in 1919 to establish world organization which.

South Sudan: Government, rebels sign cease-fire deal

(William Davison) The government and rebels in South Sudan signed a cease-fire to end five.

South Sudan conflict
Real reasons behind South Sudan crisis

* The escalating crisis proves that secession is not a panacea for peace and democracy..

South Sudan Rebels Seize Oil-Rich State’s Capital

(William Davison) South Sudanese rebels said they captured Malakal, the capital of oil-rich Upper Nile.

The single solution to South Sudan’s problems

(Maker Mayek Riak) As the fighting continues in full swing in South Sudan, there is.

South Sudan: Curfew imposed after ‘attempted coup’

South Sudan President Salva Kiir announced an overnight curfew for civilians Monday after what he.

Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin - Foreign Minister of South Sudan
S. Sudan urges Ethiopian PM to embrace Meles’s legacy

The Special Envoy of the President of the Republic and South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

S.Sudan: ‘Ethiopia has the right to use Nile for electricity, irrigation’

(Xinhua) The construction of Ethiopia’s dam on the Blue Nile River will benefit current and.