Ethiopia: Oppositions report fourth post-election death

Semayawi and Arena-Tigrai parties reported two deaths putting the total post-election death claims at four,.

Infographic | In Addis Ababa, EPRDF got 2/3rd of the Popular Votes

The Ethiopian ruling party, EPRDF, amassed all the legislative seats whose results are announced so.

Semayawi party: “This election was worse than the previous ones”

Semayawi party announced its rejection of both the process and the results of last weekend’s.

Semayawi’s foiled rally: A reminder of Ethiopia’s deeper problems

Once more, freedom of assembly was put on the spotlight. A Consortium of 9 parties.

In repressive Ethiopia, ‘Blue Party’ struggles to offer a choice

(By William Davison) Ethiopia is a definite success story in expert opinion about post-cold war.