Photo - Oromo protests 2015
Why we shall embrace Oromia protests despite tumult

Oromia, the largest state in Ethiopia, had parts of it in turmoil especially in the.

Ethiopia designated World Best Tourist Destination & Favorite Cultural Destination

Ethiopia designated as the World Best Tourist Destination for 2015 and as the Favorite Cultural.

Ethiopia: Pm Hailemariam's interview with BBC (Video)

BBC’s George Alagiah asked PM Hailemariam: * Where did African governments economic intervention went wrong in.

UN: Ethiopia criticizes ‘double standard on terrorism’ [full text]

Ethiopian Dep. Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hailemariarn Desalegne, delivered a speech at.

Ethiopia wants no sanction on Eritrea’s remittance flows

Highlight: Ethiopian government wants sanctions to bankrupt the Asmaran regime, while leaving the remittance flow.