Kenya bails officers accused of seizing ONLF rebels

An ONLF official told AFP the two kidnapped men had been taken to the Ethiopian.

Yemeni media| Ethiopia mulls electricity export to Yemen

Ethiopia is thinking about selling electricity to Yemen, an Ethiopian energy official told Anadolu Agency.

Awate| Ethiopia turned down Sudan’s offer to mediate with Eritrea reported that Ethiopia turned down Eritrea’s request for reconciliation relayed by the Sudanese President.

Kenya: MPs probe Chinese railway project

*The cost appears to be unduly high in compared to the rail construction projects taking.

Eritrea says: US responsible for sour relations

Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs: US Hostility, Not Eritrean Rigidity, Responsible For Sour Relations United.

Ethiopia, Eritrea and calls for int’l rapprochement – The Economist

The Economist Intelligence Unit published the following piece as part of its forecast for the.

Sources: Bekele Gerba may not be released soon

Ethiopia’s opposition politician Bekele Gerba is not legible for release until next month and may.

NY Times 1909: “King Menelik Has Investments Here”

The New York Times archive shows that the newspaper published the following report in 1909..

Nile: Ethiopia discloses sticky issues, censures Egyptian delegation

The Ethiopian government said “Egypt must denounce the option of conflict once and for all, and.

Somalia: Puntland’s presidential election

The election of the President of the Puntland State of Somalia was held on Wednesday.