Somalia: al-Shabab terror group names new leader

(Abdi Guled) Somalia’s Islamic extremist rebels, al-Shabab, named a new leader Saturday after confirming the.

Kenya faced 133 terror attacks since Somalia intervention

(Paul Wafula) Terrorists attacked Kenya 14 times on March 3 and 4, the day the.

British-Eritrean ISIS fighter boasts on a recruitment video from Syria

Abu Abdullah Al-Habashi fled the UK for the Middle East nine months ago Series of.

Update on Andargachew Tsigie |Statement from British government

Horn Affairs received the latest statement from the British Government on the issue from their.

‘Accidentally detained’ Ethiopian rebel puts Britain in an awkward position

A British national and leader of an Ethiopian rebel group enters eleventh day, as his “accidental.

Ethiopian group threatens to retaliate as Yemen detains its leader

Second-in-command of the Ethiopian terrorist group, Ginbot 7, is in detention in Yemen. The group.

Ethiopia captures 25 copycats of the Nigerian Boko Haram

Ethiopia’s counter terrorism unit reported the capture of two terrorist cells, consisting twenty-five Al-Shabbaab trained.

Addis Ababa at night
Ethiopia captures Al-Shabaab operative sent to attack the Capital

Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism unit reported it has captured suspected AlShabaab operative. The suspect, who is referred.

Somalia: Al-Shabab threatens to attack USA

(Associated Press) Making a rare threat against the United States, a senior member of Somalia’s.

What is it like to be Somalian in Kenya?

Twitter is abuzz and Somalis are trending in Kenya, not for reasons of their own,.