Exclusive| Abay Tsehaye: Oromos know who robbed, maltreated them

Ethnic baiting targeting TPLF and Tigrayans in connection with the protests in Oromia is a.

Photo - Oromo protests 2015
Why Ethiopia is making a historic ‘master plan’ U-turn

(Mathias Muindi – BBC Monitoring) A controversial plan by the Ethiopian government to expand the.

Ethiopia: Ruling party announced full rollback on Addis Ababa ‘master plan’ after deadly protests

The ruling party of Ethiopia’s largest region, Oromia, announced full roll back on the proposed.

Ethiopia| Merera Gudina: “The gov’t is simply accusing left and right”

Deutsche Welle’s interview with Merera Gudina (PhD), v/chair of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum and.

Ethiopia arrests journalist after channel reports on protests

(CPJ) The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on authorities in Ethiopia to release news anchor.

Photo - Oromo protests 2015
Why we shall embrace Oromia protests despite tumult

Oromia, the largest state in Ethiopia, had parts of it in turmoil especially in the.

Ethiopia: Weeks-long Protests slid into a Security Crisis

The weeks-long protests in Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia slid into a security crisis costing the.

Woliso, A day at a hotspot of Oromo Protests

Just 120 Km drive from Addis Ababa, there is Woliso town, South West Shewa zone.

Ethiopia: Death toll rises to 5 as protests in Oromia mark third week

Series of protests that engulfed Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia for a third full week left.

Ethiopia: Atleast three dead as protests continue in Oromia

Three people reported dead as protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia region marks fifteenth day. Sporadic protests.