Ethiopia plans anti-Gay mass training

Municipality officers to provide awareness creation training on “the dangers posed against children due to homosexuality”, according to a local newspaper published yesterday.

The Amharic weekly, Sendeq, reported that experts from Addis Ababa City Administration are assigned as trainers for awareness creation seminars, citing the Secretary General of Addis Ababa Youth Association.

The Seminars, organized by the association, are expected to be attended by about 30,000 youths from all the districts in the Capital city and will focus on the risk of rape of against children by homosexuals that are said to have escalated in the last five years.

The Secretary General of the Association, Paulos Degu, reportedly said that even if there several foreign imported cultures that targeted the youth, homosexuality is the one that deserve utmost attention and needs to be made a priority.

The association dedicated the next Ethiopian month – which starts on Monday – for this issue.

Last Sunday, a broader youth grouping – Addis Ababa Youth Forum – disclosed its plan to hold an anti-Gay rally. Addis Ababa Youth Forum, which is a coalition of youth and women associations in the capital city, is said to have the backing of several governmental institutions for the planned rally.

It is to be recalled that Horn Affairs cautioned last week that Gay-bashing rhetoric is likely to increase in the run up to the election next year.


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Daniel Berhane

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