EPRDF - leadership & election structure as of Year 2013
EPRDF’s Executive – Who is in, who is out | Metekakat review

The ruling party EPRDF saw another major change in its leadership last month with the.

March 2013 - Congress of the Ethiopian ruling party EPRDF - Ethiopian peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front
EPRDF’s leadership structure and election | Metekakat review

The Metekakat plan – officially adopted in June 2009 by the ruling party, EPRDF – is meant.

EPRDF Congress| Undermined by fuzzy Metekakat plan

The Late Prime Minster Meles Zenawi was both present and absent at the two-yearly Congress.

Wikileaks | Attempts to reconcile OLF with the Ethiopia

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated Nov. 2008 and classified as ‘Confidential’,.