New Approach for Somali Security Forces to Prevent Terrorism

(Dr. David Leffler) During these dangerous times of high tensions in Somalia, terrorism could quickly.

US and Ethiopia train AMISOM soldiers

(Vanguardngr) The U.S. and Ethiopia Military on Monday began training soldiers from the African Union.

Photo - Djiboutian General Osman Nour Soubagleh appointed as Commander of AMISOM
Djiboutian General Soubagleh appointed as Commander of AMISOM

(Press release – AMISOM) Mogadishu, 19 July 2016 – The new Force Commander of the African.

Photo - Ethiopian troops in AMISOM
Breaking|Update: Ethiopia lost 9, killed 248 Al-Shabaab fighters

Ethiopia lost 9 soldiers, while Al-Shabaab lost 248 militants in the fighting on Thursday morning,.

US airstrike killed about 150 Al-Shabaab fighters

United States’ Department of Defence disclosed on Monday an airstrike on Al Shabaab targets in.

Report: Kenyan officials, Al-Shabaab involved in smuggling network

Kenyan civil and military officials are highly involved in a sugar smuggling network, according to.

Somalia: Now Open for Business

Understandably, it will not be an easy task to induce the international community that Somalia.

AU rejects Human Rights Watch’s allegations against AMISOM

Press ReleaseThe African Union strongly rejects the Conclusions contained in the Report of the Human.

Human Rights Watch| AMISOM troops sexually exploited Somali women

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by African Union Forces in SomaliaHuman Rights WatchSeptember 8, 2014 Soldiers.

Somalian and AMISOM forces launch “Operation Indian Ocean”

Over the last few weeks, Somali officials and AMISOM officers have repeatedly warned that the.