Kenya faced 133 terror attacks since Somalia intervention

(Paul Wafula) Terrorists attacked Kenya 14 times on March 3 and 4, the day the.

Djiboutian soldier opens fire on the President’s entourage

A Djiboutian soldier opened fired and wounded three people, including an entourage of the President..

Eritrean consulate in Canada receives a final warning to stop ‘extortion’

All Eritreans living abroad and members of the Eritrean Diaspora are assessed 2% of all.

Ethiopia captures 25 copycats of the Nigerian Boko Haram

Ethiopia’s counter terrorism unit reported the capture of two terrorist cells, consisting twenty-five Al-Shabbaab trained.

Addis Ababa at night
Ethiopia captures Al-Shabaab operative sent to attack the Capital

Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism unit reported it has captured suspected AlShabaab operative. The suspect, who is referred.

Contradictory Explanations, as Tourism forum drops Nairobi moves to Addis Ababa

A major hotel investment conference, originally scheduled to take place in Nairobi, has been moved.

Somalia: Al-Shabab threatens to attack USA

(Associated Press) Making a rare threat against the United States, a senior member of Somalia’s.

Briefing: US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visits Ethiopia

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, arrived in Addis Ababa on Wednesday (April 30).

East African Journalists launch “Media Freedom Monitoring System”

Press releaseEastern Africa Journalists Association (EAJA) The Eastern Africa Journalists Association (EAJA) has re-launched its.

Belgians on trial charged with Al-Shabaab ties

Brussels – The trial of 19 Belgians on terrorism charges began on Monday under tight.