How Western aid to Somalia finances Al-Shabaab

(Abdirazak Fartaag) Donor funds to Somalia are being diverted for personal use or to fund.

Ethiopian troops prep for major assault on Al-Shabaab

Radio BBC reported that Ethiopian forces started to move towards Bardhere town, an al Shabaab.

Al-Shabaan releases hostages after conversion to Islam

Al Shabaab militant group displayed two of their Kenyan captives in a mosque in the.

General Dahir Adan Elmi - Chief of Staff of Somalia's National Army
Interview | General Elmi – Chief of Somalia’s Army

General Dahir Adan Elmi, who has an officer in the Somalian army that invaded Ethiopia’s.

Eritrea continues money extortion in Britain

A group of Eritrean women from the Eritrean Diaspora in London, calling themselves Team Eritrea,.

Al-Shabaab attacks Somalia’s presidential palace

Two government officials were killed after militants launched an assault on the presidential palace in.

Ethiopia – World Almanac of Islamism

The American Foreign Policy Council’s published World Almanac of Islamism this month. The publication is meant.

The role of Qatar in mediating Ethiopia and Eritrea

Last month the International Crisis Group (ICG) presented a report on future scenarios for Eritrea,.

Ethiopian troops in Somalia: Perceptions and Reality

(Zeray Hailemariam) Introduction Ethiopia was among the vigorous founding member states of the League of.

Kenyan Army Chief: Media serving as a megaphone of terrorists

(By Ronald Njoroge and Chris Mgidu) Kenya is hosting a forum here to review the.