[Update – 5] Where is PM Meles Zenawi? 13 days and counting

Despite public concerns for his safety, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi went to Cairo, on.

Wikileaks| PM Meles rebuking donors for the post-election violence

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated June 2009, provides a summary of.

Roundup| Egypt media on PM Meles Zenawi visit

Revising the officially announced travel schedule, Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi concluded a visit to Egypt.

Intellectuals confer on the future of Eritrea

An Eritrean journalist, Michael Abraha, quoted Ethiopian Prime Minister as saying that there will be.

Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi in Cairo

Despite mounting public concern for his safety, Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi flew to the Egyptian.

Wikileaks | Attempts to reconcile OLF with the Ethiopia

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated Nov. 2008 and classified as ‘Confidential’,.

Wikileaks | PM Meles, US diplomats: On the eve of Ethio-Eritrea war

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated August 1998 and classified as ‘Confidential’,.

Wikileaks | Opposition leaders: Meles Zenawi isn’t that dominant

You must have heard opposition politicians claiming Ethiopia as a one man rule. Yes, you.

Ethiopia: Al-Amoudi pledges 1.5 Billion Br. for Renaissance dam

Ethiopian born Sauidi Billionaire, Mohammed  Al-Amoudi, pledged to contribute 1.5 Billion Birr(about USD 88 mln).

Wikileaks | Top US diplomat: ‘Time to stop hating Ethiopia’

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa discloses a passionate plea of the then.