HRW: Ethiopia’s media landscape ‘being decimated’, Reforms needed

Press Release – Human Rights Watch January 22, 2015 Ethiopia: Media Being Decimated Legal, Policy.

Ethiopian journos quarrel over repatriation of colleague’s body

An inter-continental row among Ethiopian journalists was sparked in the course of repatriating a deceased.

Ethiopian Editor Convicted for Inciting Public with Articles

(William Davison) An Ethiopian editor is facing as many as 10 years in prison after.

Ethiopia: Three publishers sentenced to 3+ years in prison

Ethiopian court passed prison sentences in absentia on three publishers. The defendants were charged two.

Kenya to mobilize 200 social media users to salvage tourism sector

(Niyi Aderibigbe) Kenya has turned to social media to save its ailing tourism industry, with.

Kenya: How a Facebook group in is shaming deadbeat parents

(Rick Noack) There are selfish, negligent parents all over the world. In Kenya, however, a.

Ethiopia: Five high-selling magazines, a newspaper facing criminal charges

Five of the largest selling magazines and an affiliated newly-started newspaper are facing fresh criminal.

Ethiopian Court Charges Bloggers, Journalists With Terrorism

(By William Davison) Six Ethiopian bloggers and three journalists were charged with planning attacks in.

Eritrea’s Communications Disconnect

(Caroline Winter) Three years ago, a ship carrying African migrants sank off the coast of.

Ethiopian extremists’ facebook posts’d be depressing you – Insights from a new research

Last month, the international media was buzz with a controversial research conducted on facebook. The.