South Sudan: Government, rebels sign cease-fire deal

(William Davison) The government and rebels in South Sudan signed a cease-fire to end five.

Africa50 | Ethiopia, Sudan to hold commemorative football match

PRESS RELEASE N0. 21/21ST AU SUMMIT Sudan and Ethiopia gear-up for Commemorative Football Match to.

Africa50 | Week of Celebration of 50th AU Anniversary

The activities of this week of celebration will culminate at the Millennium Hall anniversary celebrations.

Headquarters of the African Union - Addis Ababa
Africa50 | AU celebrates Golden Jubilee in Addis Ababa

(Kirubel Tadesse) African nations this week mark the 50th year since the founding of a continent-wide organization.

Minister Melaku Fanta and Gebrewahed Woldegiorgis [Director General and Deputy of Revenues and Customs Authority] Left to Right
Court report: Melaku Fenta et al 2nd day in Court

(Reported by Mikias Sebsibe) The second criminal bench of the Federal High Court has denied.

Melaku Fanta - Director of Customs & Revenue Authority(Minister)
Ethiopia | Minister Melaku Fenta detained on corruption charges

(Daniel Berhane) Ethiopian police detained twelve individuals today, according to the press statement from the Federal Anti-Corruption.

President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne - Joint Press Briefing
Ethiopia-France| Pres. Hollande, PM Hailemariam – Joint Press Briefing

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne made its first bilateral visit out of Africa this week.

First women-initiated bank launched in Ethiopia

Enat Bank, the first women’s bank in Ethiopia, was launched on Tuesday in Addis Ababa,.

Corporation discloses Addis Ababa light rail project detail

Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) revealed details of the Addis Light Rail Project around Adwa and.

Ethiopia's Army | Custodian Dilemma

If there is a cliché often repeated among the ranking officers of the Ethiopian National.