Watchdog: Roads Authority prone to corruption and overruns

The Federal Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC), revealed that it found the contracting practices of.

Ethiopia: Top intelligence official detained

(Daniel Berhane) Top Ethiopia intelligence official detained on allegations of corruptions. Woldeselassie Woldemichael is director.

Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority Head Quarter
[Updated] Police detains more tax officials, businessmen for corruption

[Updated with yet another arrest of corruption suspect news – at the bottom]

Federal Police conducted another round of arrests later this week, it was learnt.
The detainees are:-
1. Dawit Ethiopia – Director of a Directorate responsible for assessment of tax law violation threats at ERCA.

Minister Melaku Fanta and Gebrewahed Woldegiorgis [Director General and Deputy of Revenues and Customs Authority] Left to Right
Court report: Melaku Fenta et al 2nd day in Court

(Reported by Mikias Sebsibe) The second criminal bench of the Federal High Court has denied.

Anti-Corruption Commission secured 293 convictions in 10 months

The Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission of Ethiopia said it had recovered more than 21.

Melaku Fanta - Director of Customs & Revenue Authority (Minister)
Court report: Melaku Fenta et al corruption trial – first day

(Reported by Mikias Sebsibe – edited by Daniel Berhane) * A total of 24 suspects.

Ethiopian Herald warns EPRDF's "newly recruited cadres"

It could not have been correct if the combatants left us for newly recruited cadres that robbed the public on daylight. Please let us tell the newly recruited dictators please remember the quotation “the higher you jump the deeper you fall” that is a lesson from Juneydi.

Melaku Fenta case: List of detained officials, businessmen for corruption

(Daniel Berhane) Director General and Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority were.

Melaku Fanta - Director of Customs & Revenue Authority(Minister)
Ethiopia | Minister Melaku Fenta detained on corruption charges

(Daniel Berhane) Ethiopian police detained twelve individuals today, according to the press statement from the Federal Anti-Corruption.

Ethiopia | The Junedine Sado Episode

Minister Junedine Sado is on his way out, becoming the first Minister to be sacked.