BBC under fire for ‘Genocide Denier’ documentary on Rwanda

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stirred controversy after presenting a revisionist version of the 1994.

Ethiopia: Pm Hailemariam's interview with BBC (Video)

BBC’s George Alagiah asked PM Hailemariam: * Where did African governments economic intervention went wrong in.

Human Right Watch’s strange letter to UK on Ethiopian aid

Human Rights Watch wrote an open letter, titled ‘Ethiopia: Letter Regarding UK Development Assistance’, to.

Exposed: BBC Newsnight turns to Wikileaks for more deceit

On Sept. 21, 2011, BBC Newsnight program aired a segment, which was supposed to be.

BBC busted again, UK’s field study disproved aid distortion claims | Ethiopia

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, UK’s Secretary of State for Development Aid, Andrew Michell, emphatically.

The BBC’s Newsnight – viewers call it ‘morally questionable’

[From: A Week in the Horn of Africa, the weekly press release of the Ethiopian.

Ethiopia: British official dismisses BBC’s allegations [interview – text]

It is to be recalled that an allegation of aid misuse had been made last.

Ethiopia: British media fuels aid apathy | Horn of Africa drought

At a time when about 12 million people in the horn of Africa suffer from.

11plus blunders in BBC, TBIJ report of Ethiopia’s aid misuse

Two British news outlets made headlines last week when they published a story on Ethiopia.

MFA laments BBC’s land grab fears

BBC World Service published a story titled ‘Land grab fears for Ethiopian rural communities‘ on.