Author: Daniel Berhane

Daniel Berhane

Image - Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam reservoir
Ethiopia denies agreeing not to fill Renaissance dam

An Ethiopian official dismissed media reports of the signing of a new agreement barring water.

Photo - Karuturi Global farm in Gambella
Ethiopia cancels Karuturi’s 100 thousand hc. farmland contract

Ethiopian government disclosed today the cancellation of Karuturi Global Ltd. land lease contract. The Indian.

HornAffairs to partner with AIDF Africa Summit 2016

The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) Africa Summit 2016 slated to take place in.

Ethiopia: Weeks-long Protests slid into a Security Crisis

The weeks-long protests in Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia slid into a security crisis costing the.

Woliso, A day at a hotspot of Oromo Protests

Just 120 Km drive from Addis Ababa, there is Woliso town, South West Shewa zone.

Ethiopia: Death toll rises to 5 as protests in Oromia mark third week

Series of protests that engulfed Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia for a third full week left.

Ethiopia: Atleast three dead as protests continue in Oromia

Three people reported dead as protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia region marks fifteenth day. Sporadic protests.

Ethiopia: University students injured as protests rock Oromia region

Haramaya University students clashed with police as a series of protests takes place across Ethiopia’s.

Sudan’s Ambassador: ‘Ethiopia trying to expand because their land is not enough’

Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia Osman Nafi accused a neighboring region’s government for recent border problem..

Ethiopian militia killed three Kenyan officers: Reports

Kenyan media reports Ethiopian militia killed three Kenyan officers on Friday. The incident took place.