UN Tightens Sanctions Regime on Eritrea, Somalia [Text of Resolution 2002-2011]

The United Nations Security Council decided unanimously to tighten the Sanctions regime on Somalia and.

Eritrean Terrorism: Key personalities and facilities | UN Report

The United Nations had already sanction Eritrea for destabilizing the Horn of Africa region. Its.

Ethiopia wants no sanction on Eritrea’s remittance flows

Highlight: Ethiopian government wants sanctions to bankrupt the Asmaran regime, while leaving the remittance flow.

IGAD calls for more sanctions on Eritrea [full text]

The Assembly of IGAD: Calls on the UN Security Council to take all appropriate measures.

Draft UNSCR: 4200 Ethiopian troops for Abyei | Text of Amb. Susan E. Rice statement

A draft resolution that would authorize the deployment of 4,200 Ethiopian troops to Sudan’s disputed.

MFA Skeptic on Eritrea, Djibouti Agreement

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA) called  the international community to be cautious on the significance.