Nile| Ethiopia: Parliament unanimously ratifies Entebbe treaty

(Daniel Berhane) Ethiopian Parliament passed a law to ratify the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (a.k.a. the Entebbe.

Kenyan view: On ‘belligerent noises’ from Egypt, Ethiopia

(Charles Onyango-Obbo) Well, with a new government that is still taking shape, [Kenya] is understandably.

Generational shift may shake-up Ethiopian politics after Meles Zenawi (Terrence Lyons)

Here is a short piece by Terrence Lyons about the potential impact of Metekakat. Of course,.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam reservoir
Nile | Ethiopia pokes Egypt taking the last step to ratify CFA

Ethiopian Parliament referred the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) to its Standing committee on Thursday,.

US State Dept | 2012 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Ethiopia is a federal republic. On August 20, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died..

‘Audit me if you like’, first lady Azeb Mesfin | Ethiopia

Had there been an index of most gossiped persons in Ethiopia, Azeb Mesfin, wife of.