President Obama, Republicans agree to ditch DV Lottery

(Ivan Couronne) Africans could be the big losers as the United States reforms its immigration.

DV Lottery 2013 instructions

Promoting DV 2013 is not the objective of this blog. However, given the high level.

DV 2012: Give up on Confirmation Code

Sometime in the last 5 days, the US State Department posted an update concerning DV.

Court dismisses DV 2012 lawsuit

The lawsuit which White & Associate law firm filled to challenge US State Department’s May.

DV 2012: Injunction requested, Court hearing set

It is to be recalled that on May 13 US state department voided the results.

State Dept. sued for DV 2012 fiasco [Press Release]

After weeks of waiting White and Associates law firm filed a Class Action Lawsuit against.

Update: Attorney answers DV 2012 lawsuit questions

Mr. Kenneth White, of White & Associates law firm, posted a Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on his.

Update: DV 2012 mess under review by Inspector General

Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. Department of State is to conduct a.

Update on DV 2012: Pressing the State Department

US state department voided the results of DV 2012 it had posted on its website.

Update on DV 2012: Recovering Confirmation code and refund issues

As reported earlier, the United States State Department announced on May 13 that ‘the results.