Ethiopian-Somali region launching Water Supply Projects at Birqod, Gunagado, Dig, Marsin, Danood and Gashaamo

(Omar Indaye – translated from ​Cakaaranews)

President of Ethiopian-Somali regional state Abdi Mohammed Omar is visiting the second round water supply projects leading  a broad delegation of regional officials.

The water supply project is implemented at kebeles and districts under three zones; namely Jarar, Doolo, and Korahay respectively.

The delegation spent Thursday night in Gunagado Woreda and continued their journey and on Friday morning left from the first round range land water supply project of Birqod, Gunagado, Marsin, Danod and Gashamo which some of them is just before launched.

President Abdi Mohamoud Omar launched water reservoir at Dhurwaalayawga kebele. This water reservoir has the capacity to reserve 500 M3 of water and it is constructed under second round range land water supply project.

Moreover, the President and his delegation observed the water construction activities implemented at Cadaadleyawga kebele which is also part of second round range land water supply project.

After that, the delegation turned to Bali Sareedo kebele which was not part of this water supply project, yet a large dam with a capacity of 120 million M3 of water has been constructed.

They also observed water supply works constructed at Lisinmalay kebele which is part of the second round rangeland water supply project.

Finally, on Friday night the delegation rested at Dig woreda.

During this journey the president and his delegation conducted community sessions in each kebele and discussed various issues, such as infrastructural development and security; while the community warmly welcomed the delegation.

The water project covers an area of 250 KM square and consists 36 water points and 13 water reservoirs.

Accordingly, 154 households and more than one million livestock will benefit this project.

Most of the tasks of this large project has been successfully completed within one and half year while the remaining is expected to complete as soon as possible.


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