Ethiopia: 8.2 mln people need relief aid, $164 mln urgently needed

Press release: UN Humanitarian Country Team Addis Ababa, 13 October 2015: The Government of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: 7.5 mil need food aid following weak summer rains

The number of Ethiopians in need of relief food aid surged by to 7.5 million,.

Eritreans in Ethiopia celebrated 54th anniversary of armed struggle

Eritrean refugees and opposition parties in exile in Ethiopia celebrated the anniversary of “the start.

Ethiopia: Priority woredas doubled, 157 m USD more needed to feed 4.5 m people

A Joint Government and Humanitarian Partners’ Document “Humanitarian Requirements Mid-Year Review 2015” has revised its.

Ethiopia: Delayed rains causing "crisis" in Afar, Somali regions

Delayed seasonal rains are causing livestock loss and risk of food shortage in some parts.

Australia to deport a Ginbot-7 member to Ethiopia

Australia’s government is about to deport an Ethiopian woman and member of the outlawed group.

Kenyan judge sentenced 92 Ethiopians to prison, deportation

Kenyan court sentenced ninety-two Ethiopians to thirty days in imprisonment. The convicted are all males.

South African Xenophobic attacks: Product of a generation without roots

(Zecharias Zelalem) For those of you who haven’t followed the reports emerging from South Africa.

Op-Ed: How Ethiopia’d respond to Islamic State’s provocation

The video of the barbaric act committed by the terrorist group “Islamic State” on Ethiopians.

Islamic State’s video shows beheadings of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

(Laura King) In a gruesome replay of earlier beheadings of captive Christians, a new Islamic.