How much can China offer in Africa’s Ebola crisis?

(Yanzhong Huang) Since March, the Ebola virus—the most lethal viral disease known to humankind—has been.

Meles Zenawi’s letter to Obama on G8, G20 summits: Wikileaks

A leaked Cable of US Embassy Addis Ababa shows a July 2009 letter of Ethiopian.

Famine: 10 ways you can help | World Food Program

Do you know an anonymous donor pledged that ‘a child will receive a warm meal’.

Only 44% aid received, as Oct. rains likely to fail: Ethiopian Gov’t says

Highlights: Ethiopia has received about 44 percent of the amount for which it appealed. In.

East African drought causing complex, multi-directional migration | IOM Press Release

The severe drought …is leading to a considerable increase in complex, multi-directional migration flows…Those population.

East Afrfica: WHO warns of disease outbreak

World Health Organization(WHO) said ‘outbreaks of acute watery diarrhoea and measles have already been reported.

Ethiopia: Humanitarian Requirements for July-Dec 2011 [Official Release]

It is to be recalled that the revised Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) for July-December 2011.

[Press release]: Ethiopia needs $329.8 mln to feed 4.6 mln

Ethiopian government issued an urgent appeal for $398.4 million from July-Dec. 2011 for Humanitarian works;.