Eritrea wants an Arab-only summit on Red Sea security

Eritrea deems the presence of foreign marines and bases as destabilizing to Red Sea and.

Is ISIS allied to or influencing African Jihadi Groups?

(Hassan M. Abukar) In August 2014, Africa’s spy chiefs met in Nairobi as part of.

Somalia: Now Open for Business

Understandably, it will not be an easy task to induce the international community that Somalia.

EU increases aid, as Ethiopia becomes Africa’s largest refugee-host

Press releaseThe European Commission’s Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) BrusselsOctober 23, 2014 EU.

Photo - ONLF (Ogaden People Liberation Front) fighters
UN report shows the Eritrea-ONLF-Shabaab terror nexus

Somalia’s Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabaab and the Ethiopian rebel ONLF appear to have formed a logistical.

Somaliland: Time for another Referendum?

(Robleh M. Lafcanbe) As we saw over the past couple months, the historic union of.

ICJ to start hearing of Somalia-Kenya maritime border dispute

The International Court of Justice will open the first session of hearing the case of.

U.S. Officials: Al Qaeda ‘extremely active’ in Somalia and Yemen

(Kristina Wong) National security officials warned Congress on Wednesday that Al Qaeda’s branches in Yemen.

AU rejects Human Rights Watch’s allegations against AMISOM

Press ReleaseThe African Union strongly rejects the Conclusions contained in the Report of the Human.

Human Rights Watch| AMISOM troops sexually exploited Somali women

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by African Union Forces in SomaliaHuman Rights WatchSeptember 8, 2014 Soldiers.