TPLF expelled two Central Committee members

TPLF Central Committee expelled two members and reprimanded another four in its meeting yesterday.

The expelled members of the Central Committee are: Berhane Kidanemariam (Ethiopian consulate in Los Angeles) and Aregash Beyene (head of Civil Service Bureau of Tigray).

The reprimanded members are: Kiros Bitew (head of Agriculture Bureau with dep/president rank of Tigray), Mikaele Abraha (chief Administrator of Central zone of Tigray), Hagos Gidefay (head of Health Bureau), and Sheshay Meresa (deputy Administrator of Southern zone of Tigray).

The decision comes after a day long Executive Committee meeting and two days long Central Committee meeting that ended yesterday.

The leadership reviewed the outcomes of a series of appraisal meetings held in the past weeks.

About a week-long appraisal meetings of TPLF leadership at each zones of Tigray and outside Tigray was concluded at the beginning of the week.

Before that, about two thousand cadres gathered in Mekelle for eight days to delibrate on the report of the Central Committee meeting, which had conducted more than a month-long marathon appraisal meeting in November.

It is to be recalled that in November, the Central Committee removed Azeb Mesfin from the Executive Committee and suspended her from Central Committee. In the same meeting, the chairman of the party and other member of the executive committee were removed from the executive committee.

Debretsion Gebremichael and Fetlework Gebre-egziabher assumed the chairperson and deputy positions, respectively.


Daniel Berhane

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