Ethiopia, Somalia troops captured Beledweyne from Al-Shabaab

On Saturday afternoon, Ethiopian and TFG (Transitional Federal Government of Somalia) troops captured Beledweyne, a strategic town located 30 kilometers from the Ethiopian border on theEthiopian troops captured Beledweyne(Somalia) from Al-Shabaab road to Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

Somalia’s prime minister meanwhile announced an operation "to liberate the tyranny of… al-Shabab from Somalia", according to BBC. He said:

‘Early this morning, the Somali National Army recaptured some al-Shabab-occupied territories engaging the enemies in Hiiraan and other regions of the country. We are officially requesting for momentous support from neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia and the international community at large to assist the Somali people and its government with this historic operation.’

An Ethiopian government spokesman, Bereket Simon, told the BBC’s Newshour programme: ‘The TFG has called on neighbouring countries including Ethiopia to assist this operation militarily so that’s why we have entered.’

AFP reported as follows:

Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces seized control of a key Somali city on Saturday after battling Islamist rebels on the outskirts, leaving at least 18 dead, sources said.

The city, Beledweyne, lies some 30 kilometres from the Ethiopian border.

“The fighting started this morning after our forces supported by the Ethiopian military attacked the enemy’s positions on the outskirts of Beledweyne,” Bare Abdulahi, a Somali government security official, said from the scene.

“They lost in the battle and we have penetrated into their barracks killing nearly 20 of their fighters before taking control of the city. The Somali government forces alone entered the city and they are securing it now,” he added.

“We have counted around 18 bodies, most of them the combatants, some of them have died outside the city and others are lying in the streets of Beledweyne,” Mohamed Moalim Osmail, an elder in the city, confirmed toAFP.

“I saw some Somali government troops accompanied by armed trucks belonging to the Ethiopian forces, they have entered the city and the fighting has stopped now”, Abdirahman Isa, another witness said.

The Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab rebel movement denied having been defeated in the city.

“The enemy tried to destroy the frontline barracks of the mujahideen fighters but they lost in the battle, we killed many of them and the mujahideen fighters have retreated back from some positions in order to reorganise their strategy”, Abu Musab told reporters in Mogadishu.

Residents said that several hundred Ethiopian troops on November 19 crossed into Somalia’s central Galgudud and Hiran regions, but Addis Ababa dismissed the reports as “absolutely not true.”


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Daniel Berhane

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