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Ethiopia’s New Ambassadors | Seyoum to China, Girma to DC

The weekly English newspaper Capital reported, citing its ‘absolutely impeccable source’, the new posts of the former seven high officials.

According to the newspaper, the new posts of 5 former ministers, 1 former House speaker and 1 former state minister is as follows.

1/ Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Seyoum Mesfin ….   Ethiopia’s ambassador to China.

2/ Former Minister of Trade and Industry, Girma Birru …. Ethiopia’s ambassador to U.S.A.

3/ Former Minister of Works and Urban Development, Kassu Illala(PhD) ….. Ethiopia’s ambassador to the European Union, in Brussels.

4/ Former Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mohammed Dirir …. Ethiopia’s ambassador to Egypt.

5/ Former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Hassen Abdella ….. Ethiopia’s ambassador to Yemen.

6/ Former speaker of House of Peoples’ Representatives, Ambassador Teshome Toga …. Ethiopia’s ambassador to France.

7/ Former State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tekeda Alemu(PhD) …. Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United Nations, in New York.