Ethiopia: IMF projects 8.7% growth, urges for more private sector role

IMF projects Ethiopia to grow 8.7% and 8% for the current and the next fiscal.

Ethiopia to establish a Secondary Capital Market in a Year

Ethiopia is set to establish a Secondary Capital Market for local currency and Treasury bills.

Ethiopia: Devaluation and dismal scientists

Ethiopia is blessed with brilliant economists however thanks to their aversion of the public space.

Most doctors in private practice without clearance

One out of five Ethiopia doctors take a secondary join in the private sector, while.

High-income doctors prone to migration: Dr Tedros et al book

A new book challenges the dominant view arguing that the primary driver of the migration.

Military expenditure at a historic low | Ethiopia

The share of Military related expenditure has decreased to 1.42% of GDP in 2009, though the nominal size(not adjusted for inflation) increased to 4.7 Billion Ethiopian Billion Ethiopian Birr.
Similarly, according to the recent available data, the active military personnel count 0.36% of the total labor force. The size of the Army has also decreased to pre Ethio-Eritrean war times.

Ethiopia’s Donors Rebut HRW Report: ‘No Systematic, Widespread Aid Misuse'[full text]

The Development Assistance Group[DAG] rejected the allegations of Human Right Watch[HRW] on the Ethiopian government..