Why Ethiopia turns a deaf ear to environmentalists' outcry

(Daniel Berhane) Last month, I had an informative chat with a State Minister in the.

Gibe III dam | Gov’t responds to International Rivers official’s article

The weekly press release of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded to a recent.

Ethiopia refuses to halt GIBE III dam

Ethiopia will continue to build Gibe III despite different accusations, CEO of the Ethiopian Electric.

On Gibe III dam | Ethiopia’s recklessness in the UN Committee proceedings

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee urged Ethiopia ‘to immediately halt all construction on the GIBE III.

On Gibe III dam : Weighing the UN Committee’s decision | Ethiopia

It was by the end of last month, a UN Committee urged Ethiopia ‘to immediately.

On Gibe III dam: The ‘analysis’ submitted to the Committee [full text]

As previously reported the World Heritage Committee’ of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO).

Text of UN body decision on Gibe III dam project

World Heritage Committee requested Ethiopia ‘to immediately halt all construction on the GIBE III dam’,.