Photo- Ethiopian Airlines Board members and Executive Officers
Profile | Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, abbreviated as Ethiopian, is the flag carrier of Ethiopia for the past seventy plus.

Sources: Egypt transported NOT rescued Ethiopians from Libya

Egyptian army merely provided transportation, on its own initiative, to the repatriates from Libya, according.

Ethiopian Airlines plane ‘runway excursion’ incident in Ghana (+Photos)

An Ethiopian Airlines cargo plane traveling from Lome, Togo, to the neighboring Accra, Ghana, is.

Passenger describes the 6-hours on hijacked Ethiopian plane

A 25 old man and resident of Geneva who claims to have been among the.

Ethiopian hijacker held incommunicado, remanded to custody

The copilot-turned-hijacker, who landed Ethiopian Airlines’ plane in Geneva on Monday is held in an.

Photo - Hailemedhin Abera, Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot turned hijacker
Exclusive: Who’s Ethiopian hijacker Hailemedhin Abera?

Ethiopian Airlines is on the headlines today(Monday) following the hijacking of one its Boeing 767.

Ethiopian Airlines Joins Star Alliance with Big Growth in Mind

Ethiopian Airlines is looking at Asia for future network expansion now that the airline has.

Ethiopia: Boeing 787 Dreamliner to arrive on Sunday

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will make its debut on African soil on Sunday at the.

Wikileaks| US prying on Chinese, Indian loans to Ethiopia [full text]

Highlights (quotes): * ‘the GoE has encouraged external private and quasi-private financing from China and.

Lebanese Ministry Preliminary Statement on the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane

[The following text is from Daily Star. I will provide the details when the Ministry.