Egyptian model farm in Ethiopia | The Egyptian Gazette

An Egyptian model farm is to be created in Ethiopia on an area of some.

Land Grab: The Ethiopian land giveaway (By Graham Peebles)

Graham Peebles, director of a UK based charity, wrote an article claiming that injustices and.

Ethiopia: S.Sudan detained 15 for killings in Saudi-Star farm, Gambella

The Gambella Regional State authorities have announced that fifteen people have been detained in Jonglei.

Interview| Meles Zenawi: I’ll probably teach at the leadership academy

A certain man named Richard Dowden, Director of the Royal African Society, apparently met Ethiopian.

Ethiopia: Official discloses New data on Leased Farmlands

An official from the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture disclosed new figures on the size and.

Ethiopian, Pakistani farmworkers killed near Saudi-Star farm

Unidentified gunmen killed five and wounded eight nearby Saudi-Star’s farm in Gambella region, western Ethiopia,.

Ethiopia: Oakland Institute campaigns to perpetuate poverty

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs weekly press release, A Week in the Horn, rebuked.

Ethiopia’s food production plan promising – Think tank

The Addis Ababa based think tank, Access Capital forecasted that Ethiopia’s “plans for large gains.

Africa Rising: Ethiopia moves to diversify exports – By Jenny Vaughan

Highlights: * In an effort to move beyond just coffee, Ethiopia now exports leather, vegetables,.

Resettlement and Human Rights Watch’s unsound and shoddy methodology

(Jan. 20, 2012 – A Week in the Horn of Africa) This week, Human Rights.