Nile| The Report is quite positive, Egypt wanted it kept secret: Says Analyst

An independent water scholar said that Egypt fought for the International Panel of Experts’ report.

Ethiopia dismisses International Rivers as Egypt’s proxy [full text included]

Ethiopia rejected anti-dam group’s call for the cessation of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian.

Ethiopia rejects Egypt’s offer to finance the Renaissance dam

  Ethiopia rejected Egyptian Foreign Minister’s proposal for a joint control of the Grand Ethiopian.

Anti-dam group doctors report, joins Egypt to stop Ethiopia’s dam

A Western anti-dam group joined Egypt’s campaign against the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam. The American-based.

Ethiopia Dep. PM: Renaissance dam brought an end to injustice

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has brought to an.

Ethiopia snubs ‘Egyptian perspective’ as falsification and populist

A new press release from Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry accused Egypt of misleading presentation of the.

Egyptian officials recommend President taking Ethiopia to UN Court

(Walaa Hussein) The Specialized National Councils in Egypt filed an important report to the presidency,.

Egypt officially launches campaign against Ethiopian dam

Egypt State Information Service reported yesterday that the Foreign Ministry sent “a formal document to.

Ethiopia, Egypt: The Choice is To Swim or To Sink Together

Introduction It is proofed scrutiny that the economic integration among African nations is extremely poor.

Nile: Ethiopia’s Renaissance dam will start power generation by 2015

Ethiopia’s multibillion-dollar hydroelectric dam project will become partially-operational by September 2015, according to Zadig Abraha,.