Nile: Ethiopia’s Renaissance dam will start power generation by 2015

Ethiopia’s multibillion-dollar hydroelectric dam project will become partially-operational by September 2015, according to Zadig Abraha,.

Egypt hopes for Arab pressure on Ethiopian dam

Highlights:* “Any change in the amount or terms of monies given to the Addis Ababa.

Egypt making false claims of success on Renaissance dam

Egyptian officials appear to be engaged in a media spin to disguise the shortcoming of.

Ethiopian Official: Egyptian campaign an "exercise in futility"

A senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs downplayed Egypt’s recent campaign against the.

Egypt launches “two tracks” campaign against Ethiopian dam on Nile

(Ayah Aman) Cairo has begun a diplomatic campaign on two tracks, one explicit and one.

Nile: Turkey, Ethiopia respond to Egyptian allegations

Turkey and Ethiopia responded to Egyptian official’s statement regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which.

Egyptian Minister: Turkey helping Ethiopia’s Renaissance dam

Egyptian Minister: “when Turkey built the Ataturk Dam, it made the Syrians and the Iraqis thirsty.

What is next for Ethiopia and Egypt?

We have heard the recent stand of the current interim administration of EGYPT regarding the.

Yemeni media| Ethiopia mulls electricity export to Yemen

Ethiopia is thinking about selling electricity to Yemen, an Ethiopian energy official told Anadolu Agency.

Nile| Egyptian Minister: We’re informing the world

(Aya Nader) If Ethiopia wants to generate electricity, it should build a smaller dam, Minister.