Addis Ababa’s monorail project keeps Ethiopia on track for transformation

Out of the dust and rubble of decimated junctions, soaring slabs of concrete are returning.

Ethiopia’s foray into Int’l capital market – lessons from Africa

For the most part, African countries long have had to rely on foreign aid or.

Things the Africans should learn from China

“If you give a person a fish for a day, he eats for a day.

AU budget: He who pays the piper calls the tune

The African Union (AU) is a result of an age-old process that stimulated a sense.

Explainer: African Economic Community (AEC)

Today there is no country in Africa that is not a member of at least.

UN: Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea blame the West for development, climate, UN reform

Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea seized the opportunity to point fingers at the West for the.

Kenya joins the ranks of Middle Income countries

(Constant Munda) KENYA’s economy was yesterday estimated to 25.2 per cent bigger after revised figures.

Interview with Ethiopian woman farmer – speaker at ‘Nobel Prize of agriculture’

From Small Village to the Global Stage: Ethiopian Women Farmer to speak at World Food.

Al-Amoudi to spend $500 mil on Ethiopia Coffee, Oranges

(By William Davison) Horizon Plantations Ethiopia Plc, majority-owned by Saudi billionaire Mohamed al-Amoudi, plans to.

Kenya to mobilize 200 social media users to salvage tourism sector

(Niyi Aderibigbe) Kenya has turned to social media to save its ailing tourism industry, with.