Author: Fetsum Berhane

Fetsum Berhane is an Ethiopian resident, economist researcher and a blogger on HornAffairs.

Minister Redwan: No Earthly Reason for Electoral Violence

Minister Redwan Hussein, head of Government Communications Affairs Office, gave a press conference to the.

Sino Ethiopia, Luna Export and Ecas Chemico won Quality Excellence Award

Ethiopian Quality Award organization (EQA) has awarded three Companies for Quality Excellence in an event.

8 facts you may not know about Yohannes IV

This list is an extract of a study by the renowned Ethiopian scholar Richard Pankhurst.

Irish Stock Exchange to list Ethiopia’s Eurobond, Prospectus document shows

Highlight:* The London branch of Deutsche Bank AG and J.P. Morgan Securities are joint lead.

List | Top Aid recipients in Africa per capita

Which African countries are big recipients of Official Development Assistance (ODA)[1]? There are a number.

List: How indebted are African economies?

Which African countries are highly indebted? How do Horn of African economies fare in this.

UNECA report: Neo-liberal diktat cost Africa decades

United Nations’ Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has published it’s 2014 MDG Report 2014: “Assessing.

Doing Business: Easier in Ethiopia than Kenya, except for start-ups

Highlights:– Ethiopia’s is 132nd of the 189 economies, 4 points above the 136th Kenya, in.

5 Facts No One Tells You About Africa

The power of media is so great that it can tell you a different reality.

Ethiopia: Sinking In Debt? Far from it

Recent news on the size of Ethiopia’s external debt has shocked many and stoked a.