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Situation updates


Flooding in the Somali region has affected 165,000 people and displaced 98,000 people.

Homes have been destroyed, farmland submerged, crops destroyed, livestock killed and schools inundated with water.

There is an urgent need for food, water, health services and core relief items such as temporary shelter materials, blankets and hygiene kits.

World Vision is responding in Dollo Ado – where 26,000 people have been displaced – and aims to provide mosquito nets, mattresses, jerricans for carrying water and cooking stoves to families affected by the fooding.

The organization aims to provide more than 14,000 people with assistance in the weeks to come.

Map - East Africa floods, hunger alert
Map – East Africa floods, hunger alert


Heavy rains and fooding has displaced about 311,100 people, killed 132 and damaged more than 280 schools.

Community water systems have been damaged in several counties, farmland has been submerged and the number of cholera cases is climbing in the north and east of the country.

To those displaced by the fooding, World Vision is distributing blankets, mosquito nets, soap, buckets, cooking pots and food items.

Already, in six counties affected, many families have been reached and another 36,000 people are expected to be provided assistance in the days to come.


In southern Somalia, fooding has destroyed crops, killed livestock, damaged water and sanitation systems and disrupted schooling.

Cholera cases are expected to rise as food waters contaminate shallow wells and pose a major threat to human health. World Vision is distributing shelter kits, blankets, clothes, cooking material and hygiene kits to food-affected families.

Already, in two states affected, 16,842 people have been reached.

Another 55,158 people are expected to be provided essential emergency relief items in the weeks to come.

In the longer term, World Vision aims to distribute nutrition and food supplies, repair food-affected schools and set-up emergency health care treatment.


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