Official report admits hundreds killed in Oromia, Amhara regions

The recent protests and clashes in Oromia and Amhara regions cost hundreds of lives, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed today.

EHRC presented its long-awaited report to the parliament today.

The protests in Oromia, which started in mid-November, engulfed the region for months.

EHRC noted that the grievances underlying the protests. However, it said violent groups took part in the mayhem.

173 people, including 28 security officers and officials, were killed, EHRC told the parliament.

The long-awaited report also concluded the measures taken by security forces to control the situation were proportionate.

Activists, however, believe the security forces acted disproportionately and the death toll is double the EHRC figure.

EHRC also briefed the parliament about the crisis in Qimant populated areas of Amhara region since mid-November.

The years long tension between the Qimant people, who are seeking self-administration in north Gondar zone, and the regional government escalated last November.

The regional security forces used excessive force on the Qimant people, EHRC concluded.

According to EHRC, security officers killed more than 95 civilians. 

The Qimant crisis didn’t receive much coverage by the media and human rights activists.

The Parliament approved EHRC report with nine abstentions.

HornAffairs will present details of the report tomorrows.


Edit: The number of civilians killed in Qimant areas was stated as “more than 50”. The correct figure is 95.

Note(June 17): EHRC hasn’t release the report. We will present it when they do. 

Daniel Berhane

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