Updated|Breaking: Ethiopia: Senior Oromia official detained

The legislative organ of Ethiopia’s largest region stripped the immunity of two officials and appointed new chiefs for the judiciary.

Oromia regional council stripped the immunity of Zelalem Jemaneh and Diro Demi today, according to HornAffairs sources.

Zelalem Jemaneh was sacked from party and regional cabinet last February. He was head of the Agriculture bureau with the rank of vice president and one of the 13 executive committee members of Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO). He was also member of the executive committee members of the EPRDF.

Zelalem’s demotion was following the party gimgema following the protests that engulfed the region.

Photo - Zelalem Jemaneh, senior Oromia and OPDO official
Photo – Zelalem Jemaneh, senior Oromia and OPDO official

The second official was Diro Demi. He was mayor of Sululta, a town near Addis Ababa.

The two officials are suspected major corruption and expected to be detained and charged soon.

The regional council has also appointed new president and deputy for the regional Supreme Court. The new appointees are Addisu Kebenesa, President, and Hussein Usman, deputy president.

Update: Oromia Anti-corruption Commission put Zelalem Jemaneh and Diro Demi in detention in the evening.

Zelalem Jemaneh is said to have to illegal accumulated personal fortune using the various political offices he was appointed to. The specifics of the allegation are not disclosed yet.

Diro Demi is being investigated for land related corruption in Suluta are. The former Mayor allegedly transferred more than 1300 land plots illegally. He also transferred multiple plots of land for himself and relatives


Daniel Berhane

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