Ethiopian Army: 37 General officers promoted (full list)

The Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) saw today one of the major promotions in recent years.

President of the Republic, Girma Woldegiorgis, promoted 37 high-ranking officers. Of which; 34 Colonels were promoted to the rank of Brg. General, while 3 Brg. Generals became Major Generals.

Apparently, the President put his signature yesterday on the promotion, which is said to had been submitted by the Prime Minister a while ago.

The total number of Generals in ENDF is estimated between 50 and 70 by unofficial sources.

Chief of Staff of ENDF, Gen. Samora Yenus, is the only one currently with full rank of General and the second one in the modern history of Ethiopia’s army. The first officer with full rank of a General was Eskinder (?), a son-in-law of the Emperor Haileselassie, appointed about half a century ago.

It is not clear if the appointment todays increases the total number of General officers or whether an equivalent number of the existing General officers would have to resign.

A ‘leadership replacement’ (metekakat) plan of replacing 561 ranking officers had been launched in the ENDF in 2010, as the Minister of Defence disclosed last December. As per the plan, intended to empower a new generation of leadership in the army, 13 Generals as well as 303 Colonels and Lt. Colonels had been replaced until 2011. (See: Ethiopia: Army replaced 13 Generals and 303 Colonels)

The size of active military personnel was estimated 138,000 in year 2008, according to the latest available data on the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute(SIPRI) and the World Development Indicators (WDI) databases. (See: Military expenditure at a historic low | Ethiopia and Africa: Top 25 Military Spending Countries).

However, a data revealing the ethnic composition of ENDF, released by the Minister of Defence last December, indicates the size of the army is below 100,000.

Here is the list of the new Major and Brg. Generals (which was read on the national TV today)

The new Major Generals

1. Hasan Ibrahim
2. Mehari Zewede      
3. Mesele Belete

The new Brigadier Generals

1. Abel Ayele
2. Aberha Aregay
3. Abrha Tesfay
4. Achalu Sheleme
5. Asefa Biru
6. Askale Berhane
7. Asrat Donoyero
8. Ataklti Berhe
9. Degfi Bidi
10. Deriba Mekonen
11. Desta Abchi
12. Dubale Abdi
13. Fesha Kidanemariam
14. Fesiha Beyene
15. Gebremedhin Fekadu
16. Gebrkidan Gebremariam
17. Gebru Gebremichale
18. Guesh Tsegeie
19. Halefom Ejegu
20. Kedir Ararsa
21. Kumera Negari
22. Kumsa Shanko
23. Másho Hagos
24. Meshesha Gebremichale
25. Mulu Germay
26. Shuma Abdeta
27. Tarekegn Kasahun
28. Tegabu Yilma
29. Woldgebriel Babi
30. Yayne Seyoum
31. Yemane Mulu
32. Yemer Mekonen
33. Yibrah Zerihun
34. Zewedu Belay


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Daniel Berhane

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