Bereket Simon thanks a nation still grieving Meles's passing

Higher level government officials and EPRDF executives lauded the people of Ethiopia for the love and respect they showed to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, GovernmentMeles Zenawi body arrival at Bole international airport Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) Minister, Bereket Simon said.

At a press conference organized for for local and foreign journalists here Thursday Bereket said the government and EPRDF are grateful for the support of the people in this difficult time of deep sorrow and mourning.

The Minister said various segments of the society in the country and abroad are expressing their deep sorrow since the announcement of the death of Prime Minister Meles.

According to Bereket, all higher level officials of the government and also executives of the EPRDF are committed to follow the footsteps of the late Prime Minister for the development of the country.

Currently the succession of Acting Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hailemariam Dessalegn as Prime Minister is not an urgent issue.

He said the urgent issue is organizing situations to enable the people express their sorrow over the leader’s death.

According to Bereket, the succession process will proceed after the funeral of the late Prime Minister.

The Minister on the occasion expressed belief that the Ethiopian people and government will work hand in hand to realize the vision of Prime Minister Meles.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) – Aug. 23, 2012. Originally titled “Gov’t, EPRDF grateful for love, respect of Ethiopians to late PM Meles”.


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