PM Meles Zenawi’s health now in a better condition: Bereket Simon

Head of Office for Government Communication Affairs (OGCA), Bereket Simon said the five year Growth and Transformation Plan which has now entered its third year is showing good results.

Mega projects like sugar, fertilizer and railway are well in progress, he said. Bereket said the public is supporting the projects, mentioning the Renaissance Dam project as a case in point.

While the public and the government are endeavoring for the success of the GTP there have been some forces engaged in attempting to detract the nation’s development activities by circulating their own fabrications.

These forces have been criticizing the GTP and the Renaissance Dam Projects saying the government is merely diverting attention of the people to overcome popular uprising like those witnessed in Northern Africa, he said. However, the public did not succumb to these fabrications and more similar ones related to religion, he said.

Bereket said current speculations about the health of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi are among those campaigns of fabrications.

He said those forces are fabricating speculations about the health of PM Meles to the extent of quoting international organizations like ICG, something the organization denied. The government would not be bothered by these fabrications but will continue its work, he said.

Bereket said the Prime Minister’s health is now in a better condition after attending his treatment, adding that he is taking some rest.

It is to be recalled that the OGCA had recently disclosed that PM Meles had been treated for an illness and was ingood condition.

Source: Ethiopian Television via News Dire – Aug. 2, 2012


Watch video of Minister Bereket’s statement .


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