Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – Government Communication Affairs Office

March 15, 2012

The Ethiopian Defense Forces Strike at Terrorist Camps near Ethio- Eritrean Border

Early this morning the Ethiopian Defense forces attacked military targets 18 KMs inside Eritrea where the Eritrean government trained, armed and deployed hit and run terrorist and subversive groups, including the one which recently attacked, killed and abducted European tourists in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Our military units have safely returned  to camp after successfully carrying out this proportional military measure intended to safeguard Ethiopia’s security along its border with Eritrea.

Ethiopia firmly believes that disputes between the two neighboring countries can and should only be solved by peaceful means. Based on this principled position, Ethiopia has repeatedly expressed its firm resolve to engage in dialogue and negotiations with the Eritrean government. Despite Ethiopia’s numerous efforts to reach a peaceful and negotiated settlement, the Eritrea" government has chosen to continue with its belligerent attacks on civilians and infrastructural targets through its surrogate outfits.

Since Ethiopia has consistently and steadfastly adhered to its peaceful stance, it is dismayed by Eritrea’s escalation 01 destabilizing activities as manifested in its recent killings and abduction of tourists in side Ethiopia.

Ethiopia believes that today’s measure will convey the right message to the Eritrean government that violation of our country’s borders cannot continue definitely. While Ethiopia reserves its right to take retaliatory measures against Eritrea’s violent attacks, the Government still upholds that the conflict between the two countries can only be resolved through negotiations and dialogue.


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Daniel Berhane

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