Ethiopian forces attack Eritrean military posts – Ministry of Defence

Ethiopian forces attacked destroyed three Eritrean military camps at dawn on Thursday. The camps are said to be ‘where the Eritrean government trained, armed and deployed hit and run terrorist and subversive groups’, by the Government Communication Office.

Here are two news reports citing the Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense.Col. Gebrekidan Gebremariam

Ethiopian defense force successfully destroys Eritrea’s mercenary camps

(March 15, 2012 – ENA) – The Ethiopian Defense Force announced Thursday that it has destroyed Eritrea’s three mercenary camps.

Indoctrination and Public Relation Center Head with the Defense Ministry, Col. Gebrekidan Gebremariam told journalists here on Thursday that the Ethiopian defense force successfully annihilated the destructive force of the Eritrean government based in Ramid, Gelahben and Gembe areas which are close to the Ethiopian border.

Col. Gebrekidan said the Ethiopian defense force would continue to take such measures until the Eritrean government and its mercenaries refrain from their subversive activities.

He said detailed information concerning the issue would be made official soon.

Col. Gebrekidan said that the Eritrean government is engaged in an activity bent on destabilizing the peace and security of Ethiopia.

He also recalled the Eritrea’s mercenaries had killed foreign tourists while visiting Afar.

Ethiopia has been examining the situation and now it has made appropriate counter attack to stop the Eritrean government from such destructive acts.

The U.N. Security Council, the African Union and other international organizations have condemned Eritrea for its subversive activities bent on destabilizing East African region.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) 

Ethiopia carries out attacks against Eritrea military posts

(March 15, 2012 – ERTA) Ethiopian defense forces took offensive measures on Thursday against Eritrean military camps that are sheltering anti-peace forces, the Ministry of National Defense has disclosed.

The Ministry told ERTA same day that Ethiopian forces entered Eritrea at dawn Thursday and carried out a successful attack against military posts.

The camps are Ramid, Gimbi and Gelahbe located 14 to 18 kilometers into Eritrea from border, the Ministry said.

The Ministry underscored that similar measures will be taken so long as the Eritrean regime continues to obstruct the peace and development endeavors of Ethiopia.

It said the government in Asmara has been engaged in destabilizing Ethiopia by recruiting terrorists.

The assault on tourists who were visiting Ertale last month is a recent phenomenon showcasing Eritrea’s terror acts, the Ministry noted. In that attack 5 tourists were killed and 3 others injured.

Two Germans and two Ethiopians were also abducted although the two Germans were released following the efforts of elders from Afar. The two Ethiopians are still under captivity of the terrorists in Eritrea.

The Ministry said the Eritrean government does not cease from its anti-peace actions and has planned to turn Addis Ababa into Bagdad.

Therefore, the Ethiopian government has decided to take counter attack to every anti-peace action coming from Eritrea, the Ministry said.

Source: Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA)


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Daniel Berhane

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