Ethiopia: Top 100 sites, mid-year ranking 2011

Where do Ethiopians go on the web? The list below from, a web ranking service provides an answer.

The list below is taken from Alexa website on July 5th 2011. It ‘is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews over the past month. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1,’ according to Alexa.

How is the ranking computed? Alexa explains as follows:

The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis. The main Alexa traffic rank is based on a value derived from these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users). The three-month change is determined by comparing the site’s current rank with its rank from three months ago. For example, on July 1, the three-month change would show the difference between the rank based on traffic during the first quarter of the year and the rank based on traffic during the second quarter. [Read here(a brief explanation) or here(a detailed explanation).]

Thank you for your regular visit, Danielberhane’s Blog is ranked at #23. In fact, this blog has mostly been in the top 25 league since mid-October 2010. Given the intermittent internet connection, it is only appropriate to honor your participation in this blog by sharing reading materials via e-mail. Thus, all those who participated in this blog, since April 16/2011, may expect a couple of PDF documents in their inbox by mid-July. Afterwards, every 2-4 weeks.

Here is the Top 100 sites in Ethiopia of mid 2011.


1st. Facebook –
2nd. Google –
3rd. Google –
4th. Yahoo! –
5th. YouTube –
6th. Walta Information Centre –
7th. Wikipedia –
8th. WordPress –
9th. Ezega –
10th. Twitter –
11th. BBC Online –
12th. Conduit –
13th. 302 Found –
14th. MSN –
15th. Windows Live –
16th. Microsoft Corporation –
17th. Forrst –
18th. Bing –
19th. Babylon –
20th. Ask –
21st. LinkedIn –
22nd. Xhamster –
23rd. Danielberhane’s Blog –
24th. Wayanad –
25th. American Institutes for Research –
26th. Google –
27th. The Pirate Bay –
28th. Selfhealthatlas –
29th. Ethiopian Airlines –
30th. NewsNow –
31st. Overvoip –
32nd. Ethwebs –
33rd. WebHostingTalk –
34th. Business –
35th. Wikileaks –
36th. Letmewatchthis –
37th. Ethiojobs –
38th. Sheger Tube –
39th. browse007 –
40th. –
41st. Printethiopia –
42nd. About –
43rd. Movie –
44th. Nobodycanstop –
45th. Tour –
46th. ZEDO –
47th. CNET –
48th. Addismood –
49th. eBay –
50th. Aigaforum –
51st. Saakshi –
52nd. Google India –
53rd. Novamov –
54th. Adobe Systems –
55th. Ethiopian Reporter –
56th. MediaFire –
57th. Everyone –
58th. Reuters –
59th. Addiszefen –
60th. Hyperspin –
61st. Hostingmarketers –
62nd. National Institutes of Health (NIH) –
63rd. The Jerusalem Post –
64th. वेबदुनिया –
65th. Aljazeera Arabic –
66th. Yieldmanager –
67th. Video –
68th. adv-adserver –
69th. Hosting Marketers –
70th. Apple Inc. –
71st. Addisfortune –
72nd. XTEND Media –
73rd. Amazon –
74th. Double Click –
75th. Pingdom –
76th. CNET Download –
77th. Ethio2k –
78th. ffmpeg-hosting –
79th. University of South Africa –
80th. Ethiojobs –
81st. DomainTools –
82nd. كونتكت للسيارات –
83rd. Appsumo –
84th. Tutsplus –
85th. Eastafricaforum –
86th. GaneshaSpeaks –
87th. PayPal –
88th. allAfrica –
89th. sodere –
90th. vmn –
91st. ethwebs –
92nd. infoaxe –
93rd. filestube –
94th. red5-server –
95th. Alseyassah –
96th. The DEBKAfile –
97th. Andhra Headlines –
98th. Interactivedns –
99th. Dr. Sharma –
100th. EIN News –

You may see the list of websites ranking 101st to 500th on Alexa website(link).

Daniel Berhane

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