Map of Ethiopia’s 4 new dams on Nile

Ethiopia plans to build four more hydroelectric dams on the Nile river. This is in addition to recently launched Grand Renaissance Dam – the largest dam in Africa and with 5,250 MW generation capacity.
Ethiopian power corporation manager Mihret Debebe said on Wednesday that the four dams could produce up to 11,000 MW and ‘work will start’ after 2015, Reuters reported.

The news didn’t provide the names, location, etc. of the dams.

However, according to a source who wish to remain anonymous(“Rasta55”), the four dams to be built on Blue Nile are Beko Abo, Mendiya, Chara Chara Weir and Kara Dodi dams. The location of the dams is indicated on the map below, which Rasta55 developed using GIS and provided to this blog.

Previous studies suggested Beko Abo and Mendiya could generate 1600 MW and 2000 MW respectively. However, it seems a capacity reassessment study is taking place(completed?) which suggested they could be developed to generate even higher electricity.

[Updates will be provided ASAP.]

*Hidase is a local word for Renaissance. The lake in the image below is lake Tana – source of Blue Nile.

Ethiopia four new dams on Blue Nile (Abay river) - Danielberhane Blog

Rasta55 provided me this map about ten days ago, which I delayed it needlessly – due to my obsession with ‘more info’.
I hope Rasta55 will provide us further insight.

Daniel Berhane

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