Ethiopian Defense Ministry signed a contract with the Ukrainian company Ukrspetsexport for the sell of 200 T-72 Tanks, according to a Ukrainian news outlet.Upgraded T-72 Tanks_Photo redit- Ukrspetsexport Company

T-72 Tanks was first produced in the 1970a and been used in a number of wars in Asia and Africa, as its wikipedia entry indicates.

However, the news indicated Ethiopia will get an upgraded version of T-72 that “is equipped with a modernized power plant, guided weapons and armor system”.

This contract is among the eight largest orders the company received from buyers in the last 15 years, according to the report.

The upgraded version of T-72 Tank is described in the official website of Ukrspetsexport Company as follows(Google translation):

Modernization of T-72 Tanks

The purpose of modernization – to enhance combat characteristics of previously produced T-72 installation gun 120 mm (for use in a Tank unitary firing 120 mm NATO standard).

Automatic charging for guns placed in in the isolated compartment in the stern off the tower. Level looking stern machine offline charging similar level in the tank ”Leopard” and ”Abrams”.

Technical specifications

Weight, t 46-48
Crew 3
Dimensions, m: 9.65×3.62×2.19
Power, kW (hp) 573.6-882.6 (780-1,200)
Maximum speed km / chh 60-65
Cruising down the highway, km 400-500
KBA-101 gun, caliber, mm 120
antiaircraft machine gun, caliber, mm 12.7
Twin machine gun, caliber, mm 7.62
Machine gun control mode remote
Stabilization in the vertical plane

[This news will be updated if and when further details are disclosed, though the Ethiopian Army rarely confirms or denies such reports.]

Daniel Berhane

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