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    The futility of Somalia’s claimed mandate over Somaliland-UAE military deal

    (Mohamed Farah Abdi) Somalia’s government is reportedly planning to file a legal case against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for setting up a military base in the unrecognized breakaway republic of Somaliland. Press TV reported that: the Somali government’s Auditor General Nur Jimale Farah announced Mogadishu’s plans to file the complaint against the UAE on charges of violating [...]
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    UAE military base will boost Somaliland-Ethiopia relations

    (Mohamed Farah Abdi – Hargeisa, Somaliland) On 12 February 2017, the government of Somaliland accepted the formal application of the U.A.E. seeking permission from the Somaliland government to open a military base in Berbera. This application followed the 440 million dollar investment and a 30-year contract for UAE’s international ports operator, DP World, of which it takes a 65% [...]
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    ወገን ተከበናል?

    የኦባማ ቅልስልስ አስተዳደር ከኢራን ጋር ያደረገው ስምምነት የብዙ አረብ አገራትን ቀልብ የገፈፈ ነበር። በዚህም የተነሳ ረስተውት የቆዩትን ጦራቸውን ማጠናከር እና በጓደኛ ብዛት መፎካከሩን ተያይዘውታል። ብዙዎቹ (ሚጢጢዎቹ) ሀገራት ሳይቀሩ [...]
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    መከላከያ ሰራዊትን እንደተዋጊም እንደ ፖሊስም የመጠቀም አደገኛ ዝንባሌ

    (አስጨናቂ ገ/ጻዲቅ ሺፈራዉ (ኮ/ል)) መቅድም በሀገራችን ተከስቶ በነበረዉ የጸጥታ ችግር በተያያዘ የህዝቡን ደህንነት ለመጠበቅ  ተሰማርቶ የነበረዉ መከላከያ ሰራዊታችን ከሌሎች የጸጥታ ኃይሎች ጋር በመሆን አኩሪና አስመስጋኝ ተግባር ማከናወኑ [...]
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    Somaliland Parliament approved UAE military base deal

    The parliament of Somaliland ratified on Sunday an agreement for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) military base in the port of Berbera. The agreement was reached months ago between the officials of the two governments, on the sidelines of the negotiation to lease the port’s management to the UAE enterprise DP World. The agreement has been the subject of debate among Somaliland officials and [...]
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    Somalia: Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmaajo” elected president

    Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, a former Somali prime minister and dual Somalia-U.S. citizen, was elected president of Somalia after two rounds of voting by the country’s newly selected parliament. The departing president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, conceded defeat on Wednesday, in a sign that the war-ravaged nation can hope for a smooth transition of power. Celebratory gunfire rang around the [...]