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    ኦሮምኛ ለፌደራል መንግስት – እንዴት?

    (አዲስ ከድሬዳዋ) በሶሻል ሚዲያ(በተለይ በፌስቡክ) ብዙ ጊዜ አስተማሪና ምክንያታዊ የሆኑ ፅሑፎችን በመፃፍ የሚታወቀው ዶክተር ብርሀነ መስቀል አበበ ሰኚ ሰሞኑን ከአማርኛ ጎን ለጎን ኦሮምኛም የፌደራል መንግስት፣ እንዲሁም የድሬዳዋ እና [...]
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    Ethiopia, Somalia among highly vulnerable to an Ebola-style epidemic | Save the Children

    Almost 30 countries are highly vulnerable to an Ebola-style epidemic jeopardising the future of millions of children, warns Save the Children in its new report A Wake Up Call: lessons from Ebola for the world’s health systems.  The report ranks the world’s poorest countries on the state of their health systems, finding that 28 have an even weaker defence in place than Liberia where, [...]
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    Ethiopia’s Policy towards the AU: Unique contributions and special responsibilities?

    (Dr.iur. Mehari Taddele Maru and Abel Abate) Needless to say, as discussed elsewhere in detail by the authors, Ethiopia has well articulated foreign and security policy called the Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy and Strategy (FANSPS). It is explicitly and unequivocally focused on the Horn of Africa, and to limited extent to other African countries. Its substantive anchor on [...]
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    Ethiopian Defense Forces: Efficiency for less

    About a year ago, I paid a visit to Somalia, the war-torn Horn of African nation which hasn’t seen a functional government since the beginning of the 1990s. I had the privilege of visiting several government offices and had numerous meetings with residents of Mogadishu, the capital. During my visit Somali leaders and elders would, on many occasions, convey their appreciation of the Ethiopian [...]

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