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    Office of the First Lady: Moringa Value Chain Development Program Launched

    Joint Press Release of the Office of the First Lady of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Italian Embassy; Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS); Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources of SNNPR and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) A Partnership Programme on Moringa Value Chain Development Launched (24 February 2017 – Arbaminch) [...]
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    Dr. Tedros Adhanom, “Together for a Healthier World”

    “I envision a world where everyone can lead healthy and productive lives, regardless of who they are or where they live.” Dr. Tedros’s vision if he is elected to be the Director General of the World Health Organization. This year 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) is going to elect a new Director-General. In the beginning stage, WHO member states designated six candidates for the [...]
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    South Sudan declares world’s first famine since 2012

    (Council on Foreign Relations) The South Sudanese government and the United Nations declared a famine affecting a hundred thousand people (Sudan Tribune) in Unity state, saying that an additional one million South Sudanese are on the brink of famine. It is the first famine to be declared anywhere in the world since 2012, when six West African nations saw severe food shortages following a drought [...]
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    The futility of Somalia’s claimed mandate over Somaliland-UAE military deal

    (Mohamed Farah Abdi) Somalia’s government is reportedly planning to file a legal case against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for setting up a military base in the unrecognized breakaway republic of Somaliland. Press TV reported that: the Somali government’s Auditor General Nur Jimale Farah announced Mogadishu’s plans to file the complaint against the UAE on charges of violating [...]
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    UAE military base will boost Somaliland-Ethiopia relations

    (Mohamed Farah Abdi – Hargeisa, Somaliland) On 12 February 2017, the government of Somaliland accepted the formal application of the U.A.E. seeking permission from the Somaliland government to open a military base in Berbera. This application followed the 440 million dollar investment and a 30-year contract for UAE’s international ports operator, DP World, of which it takes a 65% [...]
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    ወገን ተከበናል?

    የኦባማ ቅልስልስ አስተዳደር ከኢራን ጋር ያደረገው ስምምነት የብዙ አረብ አገራትን ቀልብ የገፈፈ ነበር። በዚህም የተነሳ ረስተውት የቆዩትን ጦራቸውን ማጠናከር እና በጓደኛ ብዛት መፎካከሩን ተያይዘውታል። ብዙዎቹ (ሚጢጢዎቹ) ሀገራት ሳይቀሩ [...]