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    Egypt’s destructive policy: The response of the Horn of Africa

    Unlike in the past, Egyptian hidden agenda to keep the horn of Africa in crisis came to be challenged by Somalia, Somaliland, South Sudan, the Sudan and Ethiopia. These countries assured that they will not die for the greedy cause of Egypt in this 21st century. This cooperation should be maintained robustly! Introduction For those passionate spectators of Egypt’s policy and strategy towards the [...]
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    Ethiopia: Directive for the Execution of the State of Emergency[full text]

    A Directive issued on Saturday detailed the restrictions imposed as per the State of Emergency. It is to be recalled a State of Emergency was decreed a week earlier by the Council of Ministers, as the Parliament was in recess. The Decree, which will become a proclamation when approved by the parliament, had listed some eleven types of restrictions on rights and established a Command Post chaired [...]
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    ሕዝብ በእንጀራ ብቻ አይኖርም – በርዕዮተ ዓለም ጭምር እንጂ

    አብዮታዊው ኢህአዴግ – ኢትዮጲያን በልል ፌዴራሊዝም (loose federalism) መንፈስ በተቀመረ ህገመንግስት አዲስ ስርአት የመሰረተ እና የመራ፤ ጠንካራ እና የጠራ ርዕዮተ ዓለም እና አባላት የነበረው፤ በዘረጋው ያልተማከለ የፌዴራል ስርአት የተነሳ አገር [...]
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    ዓብላልነት ተጋሩ ነጊሱ ዶ ተፋሒሱ?

    (ጎይቶም ተፈሪ) ንልዕሊ ዓሰርተ ዓመታት ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ምስ ምፅነሐይ ኣብ ቀረባ እዋን ኣብ ዝተለዓለ ዓመፅ ዓብላልነት ተጋሩ ዝብል ሕቶ ክለዓል እንክሰምዕ ቦኽሪ እዝነይ ኣይነበረን። ኣብ መሬት (reality) ኣሎ ድዩ ወይስ የለን ካሊእ ሕቶ ኮይኑ ቁፅሮም [...]
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    A discussion Paper on the Recent Protests in Ethiopia: Based on my observation, views of some Medias and Facts

    (Hadgu Ataklti) Introduction: This article seeks to open a discourse about the recent social resistance, protest and their ranges in Ethiopia. It focuses on the development of dissatisfaction groups in Ethiopia in recent times in order to flesh out distinctions and interactions between protests. Mainly, it deals on the recent development of protests. Protest is a physical sort that developed out [...]
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    Deliberately Induced Political Chaos to Destabilize Ethiopia

    (Ahmed Deeq Hussein) Ethiopian peoples, nations, and nationalities have been enjoying stable, peaceful, and co-existence for last 25 years with ethnic based federalism and under governance of 1995 constitution of Federal Democrat republic of Ethiopia. Today’s Ethiopia is one of fastest economic growing nation and registered double-digit economic growth for last fifteen years. The country has [...]