Why the Ethiopian Premier wasn’t wrong for suggesting Somaliland stay with Somalia

(Abdirahman M. Dirye – Somaliland)

Abdisalam Harari of the Universal TV, a Somali local channel, asked Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn upon the latter’s return from Gaashaamo, eastern Ethiopia. The premier, asked about his opinion of Somaliland, said “it’s better to remain in Somalia”.

Given the premier’s past remarks that his country, Ethiopia, will fight alongside Somaliland if the latter is invaded by whoever, these recent remark carries significance and reflects Addis Ababa’s disappointment with Kulmiye’s Somaliland that diluted the concept of the secession dramatically over the past eight years.

Somaliland international partners are as well disappointed with Kulmiye’s administration for the erosion of governance and rule of law and that led it to be excluded from the London conference on Somalia (investment and reconstruction).

The premier’s wish has been shared by all in Somaliland and else for the trends and growing radicalization that Kulmiye party unleashed. Last week, talented youth held model fashion show in the ‘Beirut’ part of the capital in both Arabian robes and western attire. The show was for the youth to create jobs and then take care of their parents like Saudis and Kuwaitis or at the least for them to not take risky journey overseas and end up like their dead peers in Libyan coast off the Med Sea.

The youth later donated their hard earned cash to Khaliil Minister of Religions and Sects of the Famine Fund administrated by Imams of the Wahhabi strip. However, without reflection, Somaliland Grand Imam for the ‘moderate’ Salafists called the model boys “gays” citing weak Arabic evidence.

“Formerly girls do modeling in the fashion industry but gays asked to do the same for being womanish and soft—gays in the Arab world look soft womanish probably unlike the muscular gays in the West who fly planes, drive tanks, and engage in manufacturing, and science” he stated. His degrading baseless allegation of teenagers for following their passion and doing amazing creativity astonished everyone. 

Somaliland Imams understand the game reading corrupting their followers with human speech mixed with sacred text to make themselves look, in the eyes of the ignorant mobs, semi-divine imams who always twitter with Allah. If you get sick, Imam lectures you, if plane breaks down, idiot imam lectures about how to fix it. If your heart fails, cardiologist Cilaj or healer Imams claims to fix it but when he gets sick, he seeks overseas treatment like Adan Siro who went to Malaysia for kidney transplant. When the poor falls ill and goes to Imam, all he gives is Habasud. All cure and even death preventer and it cost 2 US cents or to go Cilaj center with two stolen loudspeakers on ears to burn your blood system until your eardrum blows out.

We all know the faithful respect their sacred books and accept it with sheepish obedience. These Imams are aware of that vulnerability and brutally exploit the loophole un-Islamically. Somaliland people are religious illiterates.

Remember, to be Imam in Somaliland all you need is to let your beard grow so ugly and wear white Saudi robe if you at the Saudi payroll or if you are Yemeni trained then your Arabian rob of cheap quality, almost dirty and eating out street food, that’s it. You don’t have to have certification or anything like knowing Arabic, let alone be a jurist. It’s like a chaotic scene in the doomsday movie of the Hollywood. Would people, whose critical thinking impaired by religious tyranny, ever qualify for nationhood in the 21st century?

They debate “are your socks or your condom “Islamic” “is the military base is Islamic or is your nightlife Islamic? If not make it Islamic”. Or is your 4th generation mobile connectivity Saudi? The followers were even told the money they spent on browsing on adult movies goes to blessed Saudi Arabia! This they told me in private. They don’t know whenever they browse facebook or touch internet they unknowingly pay salary of the infidels soldiers operating Drone planes and slaughtering Paki family in Peshawar. Not admitting that the West today has the upper hand.

Imam’s owned telecoms are working for the apostates by force. The satellite that broadcast Sheikh Dirir religious program via Somaliland state TV and radio to Somalis worldwide is Israeli owned. Which one sinful Riba or the payment? Maybe the imams are unaware of the BDS –never tell them—unless Saudi Imam lectures to them that Israeli is good name of prophet better than Emir or Khalif and can name your beloved son Israel. I am joking, you can’t call your son in Somaliland Israel (despite the Quran saying the name was to prophet) because of the hate against Israelis we never met but Saudis led to us hate.

Every prophet in Islam except Mohamed were Israelis yet we don’t name our children that. We are slaves owned and run by Arabs. US wants military base in Berbera but came through our Arab Masters via faith, the tiny UAE. We have one ear that is remotely controlled by our Arab bosses. Knowing cultures is more valuable than doing MBA, for 40 years the Muslim world tried to impose the Arab culture upon us but we retained it as faith. We chose DP World for handouts and faith over Bollore, not on the basis of the good of the port or for the future.

You can’t’ criticize the Arabs even if they killed 34 Somalilanders in the Red Sea because the prophet belongs to them. But you can kill innocent Israeli children for no reason other than who they are despite the Quran saying all the prophets belong to Israeli tribe, from Jacob to Lot to Ibrahim to David and Joseph, all prophets in Islam as well other scriptures. When I was little, if I don’t curse them I thought my Islam was incomplete. That is how I was brought up in Madrasa but not anymore. I am enlightened by the explosion of information and internet and realized the true Islam is different.

Back in the days, I was sitting in café in Hargaysa coming out of Taqwa Mosque, nomad Imam of Wahhabi called a teenager walking by the street “a Sunni”, I thought he was talking about the Hadith or… but he explained “when I say she is Sunni I mean she has uncircumcised cunt”. “I was so upset, how did you know her private parts? Are you her parent or husband? You are imam, right?”  Look, these immoral imams are addicted to sex and eating out to Ritz in Arabia. He even doesn’t care about whether I am her brother or husband or relative or decent human who doesn’t like gossiping and speaking behind one’s back.

Kulmiye empowered religious tyranny

These clergies subverting and hijacking Islamic values for their vested interest has been empowered by the ruling party of. During the UDUB, ex-president Dahir Riyale declared war on terror to put his life on the line; he narrowly escaped 2008 suicide bombing at the presidency but never succumbed to their brutal version of Islam while Kulmiye gave them platform to explain what Allah wants and making their voice louder than anyone else. They call the shots now.

When Farmaajo and Princes of Saudi Arabia, Erdogan of Turkey distances them from any political issue, which sheikhs have no idea. “ask for those are who knowledgeable” the Quran says. Would that people ever qualify for nationhood and modern state other than ‘Tribes with Flags’ and sectarian caliphates? Turkey maintains low profile consulate in compound in Hargaysa. Are you telling me members of the staff don’t drink booze in Hargaysa in the night? Yet some Imams long queue to get visa for treatment of the contaminated food they imported.

MPs suggested to pass conventional banks with Islamic Windows for those who dislike interest or riba, to save the famine victim whose Islam informed them they can eat whatsoever edible if they are about to die out of starvation“ necessity knows no law” (Islamic fundamental).

Most of these incoming banks operate in the Saudi kingdom, perfect Sharia law compliant, replica of 14 century Arabia, yet with Manhattan scrappers  where these violent imams are fed and paid to keep their fellow Muslims in Somaliland starved to death by telling ideals of how heaven looks like or to build utopia next to the roughest neighbor. Which one takes precedence? Saving Muslim lives or fantasizing about creating the puritan caliphate where women kept indoors laying bed 24/7 waiting their husband instead of our poverty stricken women working in the cruel sun; fantasizing of non-Muslims vanishing, and a scenario where Somaliland is located between Kuwait and Qatar? What wishful thinking!

Would Somaliland in this state of affairs ever be independent nation like Kuwait where the ambassadors sips his booze in office when meeting his little prince? The Somaliland public are hijacked by religious tyranny to take them back to good old days of medieval Islam considering Saudia Arabia “apostate state”. Imagine black Somali skinny imam who thinks the most restricted, backward society and open prison state where women are denied driving to be an “infidel government”.  We ensnared into false paradise that failed to meet Saudis until Jewish American guy was sent to look for water in harsh Arabia but found oil. Life blossomed.

The discovery of oil in Masjid in 1908 and the following subjugation of Imams to save Arabian dying children took precedence over their divinely sounding wit. Surely, without determined Saud as king, the oil exploration could never happened. Today, Somaliland experiences similar tragedies but Will Somaliland’s Oil Minister, Hussein Du’ale, an oil engineer from Oklahoma, who is far better educated than Saud succeed in his oil exploration in the face of violent religious tyranny that calls the shots?

In early medieval Christianity, powerful priests suffocated their congregation to dictate what to do in the rest rooms and privacy and science and medicine self-portraying the moral guys and holier than thou attitude. That ancient history mirrors our struggle to escape from ‘All-Knowing’ Imams that can damn you if you don’t’ listen to their “Godly Words”. They act like Gods whenever their interest under attack.

For instance, last month, foreign banks were debated by Somaliland parliament. Sheikh-owned Hawalas, Al-Barakut, Al, Mucjisat, with holy threatening titles woke up like giants saying “em, em, em declaration of war by Allah against you” it’s true but misquoted. They never said this during the height of bloodshed and child suicide bombing in Mogadishu that continues to this day unabated! They know their Hawalas or money transfer kiosks sometimes calling banks without banking services will go bankrupt if Saudi bank arrives.

Why don’t they object foreign banks like Ethiopia for national reason like financial outflows and the crushing small local banks without resorting to Allah every time they want to object something?  Giant banks build infrastructure including dams, hospitals by long term loans. Would terrorists Imams that travel to West to radicalize EU born Somalilanders with their toxic hateful sermons ever be thrown out of the train? Already the unfortunate folks stuck inside are poisoned with violent death culture after decades of brainwashing.

If the West cares about Somaliland to go independent they should take down the radical material from the internet immediately masquederaded as ‘Islamic preaching’ when they are not.  One day, I asked imam how does he think to live in today complicated world? Remember he carries gadgets iphones, and Ipad. “We live like Quraysh” he said, “transporting goods over donkey to the Hajj and drinking the two blacks: sea water in Arabia sans river, and dates wearing grass on genitalia” that’s what I meant, he uttered. “Do you think our prophet ever refuse to fly air vessels to reach Isra and Micraj or heavens rather than using Quraysh caravan or invade Andulus with Drone technology eliminating the diehards and zealots?

Would Somaliland in that state of affairs ever be capable of meeting the needs of foreign investors and expats? Will Somaliland ever be a nation, even like ISIS who sells pornographies to finance their “Jihad” against their fellow Muslims?  The Taliban never tested opium but inhaled and sold to the infidels to finance their crusade to construct the most puritan Muslim families whose core economy was opium plantation and setting examples to poor Muslims worldwide of how to survive in Islamic environment of which Hadith has no answer. 

Somaliland Imams are fighting obesity while their people are malnourished to death. Do they live in another planet? When the West realize that Muslims are no longer providing the famish folks in Somaliland and make lower their dogs expenses to feed the dying Somalilanders, the Imams woke up from their bedroom mosque and lectured about the arrival of Saudi textbooks that preach the dying people to hate westerners. Then Arabic song plays “hate, hate, hate,” with melody of Adil iman of Egyptian comedian. If hates could destroy anything Israeli won’t exist today, it only burns down your virtues in the afterworld.

We love Saudi even though they left us to die when we are at the height of famine. And we hate the Westerners whom we call for SOS while at brink of death. Last week, Rageh Omaar, risking his career for ethnic solidarity, reported live from Somaliland about the deadly famine so that the UK over-eaters sympathize with our starvation and give one meal to us. 12 million pounds poured but we are still unappreciative. I don’t know what is going on. Ethiopia provided trucks of rations to Somaliland but no Imam mentioned it in his Friday sermons.

Would Somaliland people disinterested in clergies’ dangerous story of “others” can ever attain nationhood rising above Arabian poetry and sectarian violence, give room for diversity? Open dialogue to deal with the rest of the world as Senator Abdi warabi said or bury their head in the sand so that famine and socioeconomic hardships disappear with Imam’s fantasies?

Somaliland foreign chief Sa’ad Shire neither looks diplomat nor sounds on. Yesterday, Horn diplomat, online paper interviewed him on Somaliland core premise for nationhood. His answers were so dull and counterproductive “we printed currency, passport and formed ragtag army”. Is the modern concept of statehood simply printing some travel-less passport of which he discarded and replaced with his UK passport to travel with, good enough? That’s milk woman’s argument not convincing shoeshine boy in Brazil.  Would you wish people with this mindset to be independent country like yours where Imams rule not the public sector but everything including privacy, and sexuality? Would you wish people like that any good?

Imagine famine when half million of your people at the brink of death and your Imam always ‘All-Knowing’ in direct contact with Allah makes jokes about it and say “fast more days so that to clear your sins” while he is obese with four sexy wives at his lap and you are a three year old innocent kid. From that age your relation with God develops and is either angry or curse for sins you never committed but grandmas perhaps. One day when they find the imam’s preaching for “ filthiness of others” unsupported, lies, and waste of time, they will turn on him, from extreme to extreme, and it would be too late to undo the suffering of millions of people of his cheap un-Islamic sermon did to the people. Tyrant theocracy won and Somaliland failed to resist to false temptation that things would be in good shape while sitting idle and consumed by hatred.


Abdirahman M. Dirye is a Somaliland citizen and can be reached at Mrdirye[at]gmail.com

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