Tensions rising between Sudan and Saudi Arabia

A senior official in Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) admitted yesterday that his country’s.

Briefing: Repatriation of Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia

The last week has seen an intensification of the government’s efforts to repatriate its citizens.

Tedros ‘depressed’ by Saudi abuse of Ethiopians[full text]

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom (PhD) made an emotional speech about the suffering of Ethiopians.

Saudi Arabia and Ethiopian laborers | The Economist

Millions of pious pilgrims flock to Mecca every year, but the Muslim holy city’s newest,.

Saudi police killed Ethiopian worker – Aljazeera

An Ethiopian migrant has been killed by Saudi police after he tried to flee arrest.

Ethiopian Herald Op-Ed tells Saudi Prince what "everyone with half a brain knows"

“The argument “because the dam is being built near Sudan” wouldn’t hold water unless you.

Saudi Gazette | Do not encourage Ethiopia-phobia

(By: Mahmoud Ahmed) The recent phenomenon of Ethiopia bashing in our country’s media is turning.

Ethiopians in Yemen: Hundreds came home, thousands remain behind

Hundreds of Ethiopians stranded in Yemen are being flown home by the International Organization of.

Saudi wants 30,000 Ethiopian maids, drivers, laborers

Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said that Saudi Arabia has requested around 30,000 laborers including.