New Security Advisor Appointed, State Media Skipped the News

Since Oct. 5/2010, PM Meles Zenaiw appointed 30 Ministers(including 10 Ministers without Portfolio), 49 State Ministers(including Prof. Tekalegn Mammo Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture with the rank of a State Minister ), 36 Especial envoys, Ambassadors plenipotentiary and Ambassadors, and 1 Commissioner (Sport Commissioner Abagisa).

The public media outlets reported all the previous appointments, as they were immediately notified by a letter from the PM Office.

But not this time.

Ethiopia: Minister Abay Tsehaye Doubles as Director-General

The Prime Minister assigned Abay Tsehaye to a new post on Friday. Abay Tsehaye is to head the new giant sugar corporation as a Director-General, Minister with without Portfolio. Though, he is still serving as National Security Advisor to the PM.